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In Praise of Protectors’ 40-year Mission


In a filled room at LiGreci’s Staatten, Protectors of Pine Oak Woods celebrated their 40th anniversary on September 20th reaping the good wishes and congratulations from elected officials and community leaders and listening to the stories, memories, and hard earned accomplishments from the trailblazers and friends of the organization. Ellen Pratt, a long-time member and conservationist, was quite fittingly the

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St. Francis Woodlands “The Jewel of the Greenbelt” Shines Bright after Preservation

st francis woodlands

JEWEL OF THE GREENBELT. That’s what we call St. Francis Woodlands, a 25- acre parcel of pristine woods nestled amid rolling hills and wet hollows. Ancient trees abound, many at least 200 years old, and they soar majestically upwards to create an impressive canopy above. A small group of dedicated nature lovers met to explore the peaceful environs on a

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To Whom Do You Trust To Speak For Parks on Staten Island: President’s Message

president's message

THOUGH PROTECTORS OF PINE OAK Woods remains fully committed to the preservation of open space on Staten Island, we are often compelled to negotiate a greater stewardship of those properties we fought long to preserve. Protectors continues to call for the de-mapping and transfer of Department of Transportation properties in the Greenbelt. We continue to monitor both the Goodhue Woods

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Semi Annual Membership Meeting – Nov 4 at 6:30 pm


Membership is encouraged to join with Protectors on Wednesday, November 4, from 6:30pm till 9:00 pm in the auditorium of the Staten Island Zoo.  Our semi-annual membership meeting is an opportunity to speak with like-minded members and have questions and concerns addressed.  There will be a briefing on Protectors recent and ongoing efforts to keep the Borough of Parks green. 

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SI Protectors on NY1


Our luncheon on Sunday was wonderful and here is the proof. Marlene sent along a link to NY1News coverage.  Again, we appreciate the strong effort from Elaine, Carolyn and Jacquie. They orchestrated the affair. If you were unable to attend you were missed. Thanks everyone, Cliff http://www.ny1.com/nyc/staten-island/news/2015/09/21/environmental-group-celebrates-40-years-on-staten-island-.html#

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Protectors of Pine Oak Woods Celebrates 40 years on September 20th at the Staaten!


Protectors of Pine Oak Woods Celebrates 40 years on September 20th  at the Staaten   September, 2015…..By recognizing the importance of an environmentally rich and historically significant parcel of woodlands (265 acres) located in the southwest corner of our Borough of Parks, Staten Island is home to the beautiful Clay Pit Ponds State Park Preserve, and a local environmental group that

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