Why Join Protectors?

We each have a stake in the future of Staten Island. We live here, learn here, help play here. We raise families, work hard and enjoy summer days and wintery nights as the years go by.

When you join Protectors, you join Staten Island’s oldest all-volunteer environmental organization. When you join, you become part of an organization working to make Staten Island a better place to live.

When you join Protectors, you meet caring, concerned Islanders. You learn to understand Staten Island’s habitats; you learn to love our parks, you may learn new hobbies: bird watching, photography, walking in natural areas, identifying plants.

When you join Protectors, your calls for environmental preservation are heard. Your calls to halt overdevelopment are echoed. When you join Protectors of Pine Oak Woods, our voices, together, are amplified and every elected official, appointed bureaucrat and decision-maker in government listens.

Join Protectors of Pine Oak Woods today so you can take part in the conversations that we are shaping the future of Staten Island, our Borough of Parks.


—Ellen Pratt and Cliff Hagen


 (photo by Lawrence Pugliares.)