Children’s Aide Society Campaign to Save Property

Protectors of Pine Oak Woods
Staten Island’s Land Conservation Organization

Dear Friend,

With your help, The Children’s Aide Society is still confident that the mayor can be persuaded to include the purchase of the third phase of the Goodhue purchase in the budget. If you haven’t done so already, please take a moment and contact the mayor and strongly urge him to include funding the third phase of the Goodhue purchase in his current budget proposal. The budget is imminent so time is critical.

You can email the mayor at:

or phone 311 to make the suggestion.

Please consider the following bullet points when urging the mayor to include funding to complete the acquisition of the Goodhue Woods:
1.  Protectors of Pine Oak Woods has a long history advocating for the preservation of open space on Staten Island.
2.  Protectors urges you, Mayor Bill de Blasio, to include funding for the acquisition of the third parcel of the Goodhue Woods in your FY 2018 Executive Budget.
3.  The preservation of the land at Goodhue is well-aligned with our organization’s mission.
4.  The Children Aide Society has been a patient community-based organization working in good faith to make sure the property is protected from real estate development to be utilized as parkland for the people of Staten Island.
To read more about Goodhue Center’s beautiful 42-acre campus, please visit:

But please act today.